DAIM - finest 3D graffiti

This is some artwork made by one of my favorite graffiti artists... in my opinion the best one when it comes to 3D style. He's doing graffiti since 1989, and everybody who's interested in this form of art knows his name... DAIM. When you see one of his complex pieces take a picture. And when you print it, you'll still think that the letters are getting out of the paper. Mirko Reisser (that's his real name) is really doing it on another level. I love it, and I really can recommend his book "daring to push the boundaries". You'll see some amazing pictures in it. Not only spraycan art, but also digital and acrylic artwork. If you don't have the money check out his website or google him - you'll find a lot of cool stuff on the net.

Jesse Chehak Photography

This is a really small part of Jesse Chehak's "Auto" collection. It's full of type classifications that you can find on the trunk or on the fender of a car. The logos are really cool (nice 60s 70s 80s and 90s typography), and that's what these pictures are too. These are my favorites. A little bit rusty and mostly taken from muscle/sports cars. Check the artist's website for more photos and other interesting projects.

Fawad Khan Art

Here's some nice artwork by Fawad Khan. And that's the description from his biography: "Through colorful murals, installations, and intricate drawings that on first glance look playful and whimsical, Khan’s work illuminates a dark and complex political struggle with violence and identity that takes place through, on, and in public vehicles." - I really like the look of his paintings on paper. Go and check out his websites for more vehicle art.


The Banksy Film - Exit Through The Gift Shop

Sundance Film Festival 2010. Banksy stencils all over Park City (this is where the festival takes place). He is there.... And he made a film! According to BBC it will have its world premiere at the festival. Yessss! By the way, now it's official: what Banksy does is called "street art".


Dave MacDowell Paintings

Some Dave MacDowell paintings. They look like a comic but at the same time realistic - somehow. I really like this style. All made with acrylic on canvas. This is only a few paintings, go and check out his website for more of this cool stuff.


Realistic Lego Flame Piece by Cole Blaq

And here is another piece by Cole Blaq. It's called "The Burn". I have never seen something like this before. It's all made of Lego blocks and looks really realistic. And if you look closely at it you will notice the C-O-L-E letters in it. Simply amazing!

Lego Graffiti by Cole Blaq

Some Lego Graffitis by Art History student Cole Blaq. I simply had to make a post - a gread idea! Go and check out his blog and flickr site for more of this.


Tokyo in slow motion

Do you remember the New York slow motion video from Vicente Sahuc? So this is the 2009 Toyko slow motion video that was shot for the opening of a ZARA store in Shibuya. Enjoy!


David Pu'u photography

Since I read an article on surf photography in a Surfer Magazine... for me... David Pu'u is one of the greatest photographers in the world! And right now I'm really happy because he gave me the permission to post some of his work on my little blog. So enjoy this beautiful photographs and don't forget to visit his website and blog for more stunning sunset/wave/tube/surf photos and cool stories from all over the world. David Pu'u - 5/5.

Winch Madness - Water Sports in HD

Winch Madness is a cool video that was shot on a RED camera (and a EX1) by pixelworkers. As I'm a big fan of high quality videos I have to admit that the quality is simply amazing. The slow motion part is the second thing that makes this video look so cool. And of course the "winch skating" - great! Watch it in fullscreen HD.

Eric Zener Artwork

Summer, Girls, Water - allways great. But this time painted with oil on canvas! This is so amazing - I wish I owned one of these. Click here for more Eric Zener artwork.