Martin Di Girolamo sculptures

 Some sexy sculptures by Martin Di Girolamo. Check out his website for more high-res pictures and 360° videos of his sculptures. There are also some really interesting paintings on his site. Unfortunately I couldn't make a post - these pictures are to hot!


Pulp Fiction typography - What does Marsellus Wallace Look Like?

There's a lot of typography animations on the internet - but this one is my favorite. Words from a Tarantino movie - of course.


 All pictures taken from lazertits.com

Kevin Peterson's Graffiti Girls

Graffiti Girl, 54 x 42, oil on canvas
Old Wall II, 54 x 40 oil on panel with corrugated metal
Graffiti Girl II, 42 x 52, oil on canvas

 Have you noticed Banksy's balloon girl in the first picture? Great!


Stuttgart Tags

Some photos of walls in Stuttgart (Germany) that I shot with my iPhone.


Calligraffiti by Niels Shoe Meulman

Niels Shoe Meulman preparing his Calligraffiti show in Amsterdam. Really nice.

I gotta feeling flashmob

The Black Eyed Peas singing "I gotta feeling" for Oprah. And the crowd? Just watch it...


Rest in Peace Dare

Sigi von Koeding (aka Dare), one of the best graffiti artists ever - and forever.
Rest in Peace.
1968 - 2010



Today I like Gucci 'cause they tell me to.
Tomorrow I'll have to like Louis Vuitton.
And the day after tomorrow - Chanel.
Or Prada?
James Dean is dead.

How to explain the art world to a dead hare.

Just a video by Ron English.