C215 streetart in Paris

Some pieces by C215 - really really nice! Check the link for more of this...

New Banksy pieces in San Francisco

Some new Banksy pieces in San Francisco. The first one likely refers to the stolen stencil from L.A. I didn't blog on this - I'm not a reporter, but this is the stolen piece (you can search it on youtube). The second shows a doctor examining peace and love. Really nice. Don't forget to click the via - there's a nice comment on the little white paper you can see on the left edge of the second photo...

Lungs - WWF advertisement

Found this ad here. Also check out wwf.org

Public awareness: Global warming



Banksy vs. Robbo - the next chapter

Nobody knows if Banksy made the new pieces himself or if it's the work of some fanatics. But, there's a new stencil - a roller head heron bird.... I don't care who did this - but I like it. Here's the complete story.

Nazza Stencil in South America

Found this here. The first picture is from Río de Janeiro, the others from Colombia. Really nice

Exit Through The Gift Shop - extended teaser

The extended 5 minute teaser for Banksy's movie....


Banksy stencils in L.A.

This is how Banksy is promoting his movie "Exit through the gift shop" during it's premiere in Los Angeles....

Nothing to Declare by David Choe

Found these pictures here - so easy, so cool.


I Like That - music video

Richard Vission and Static Revenger Starring LUCIANA - I Like That
Directed by Static Revenger (Dennis White). Edited by Drew Pearson for D-dub, UK Cinematographer David Burgoyne, UK Producer Stephen Burgoyne.


Banksy vs. Robbo

I know that this isn't the newest story, but I had to share.
1. London's graffiti legend Robbo made this piece about 25 years ago.
2. Banksy crossed it in 2009.
3. ...and Robbo striked back.
Check the video for the whole story.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E (music video)

The music video with the story on shirts. Still fresh....

Soul 2 Sole

A video about the history of sneaker culture - created by David Park.

Crazy Eyebrows (Cadbury commercial)

Cadbury chocolate advertisement. Really sick skills! (I don't care if this is a digital effect)


100 posts. Crazy...

Philips' Carousel commercial

The commercial for Philips' 21:9 television. A still video full of cops, clowns and explosions. Really cool.

A new poster for Banksy's movie

I want to see this movie. Now! (here's the trailer)


Eden - A short surf film by Sean Mullens

I don't have to comment this. It's GREAT!

Amnesty International by Animatório

Everybody Against Everybody.

Adidas Originals: The Street

Yes, this is a commercial.... But I like it.

Broken Fingaz - Graffiti Stop Motion

Reminds me of that "Muto"-clip. Graffiti stop motion - really cool. Watch it.

Making Lambs Anger - Mr. Oizo unmasked

1999. A Levi's spot with Flat Eric hit's every channel - and Mr. Oizo is known all over the world. This is the Mr. Oizo unmasked video. Crazy....

Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé - Telephone - the extended music video - directed by Jonas Åkerlund

Sex, violence, smoking glasses, diet coke hair cuts, ray ban glasses, a lot of skin & underwear, crazy outfits, cool typography, the pussy wagon, Tarantino dialogues, great colors, ..... style. The extended clip for Lady Gaga's "Telephone" song (feat. Beyoncé) - directed by Jonas Åkerlund. The guy that made one of my favorite movies: Spun. Watch it.