Scrapertown - Original Scraper Bike Team - Video

video: crazy
colors: amazing
bikes: perfect
style: style.

check californiaisaplace.com for more cool videos

Faber streetart in Peru

Lyubomir Sergeev Contrast Photography

Crazy s*** by Lyubomir Sergeev from Bulgaria.

Dom Cruz - Turning Everyday Moments Into Movie Scenes

"I love street photography. I like to capture real moments as they happen on the fly; taking everyday mundane moments and turning them into cinematic movie scenes. I like the challenge it presents and not knowing what I'll get or who I'll meet in the process. From time to time I'll take the odd photo of a car or a building, but it's mainly people that are my usual subjects." - Dom Cruz

... check the via link for more of this.


Harry Main - Bunny Hop Flair

"Harry Main, BunnyHop Flair into a 6/7 foot quarter at woodward."


Dolk in NYC

Check the link below for more of this...

Banksy in Toronto

I will not post every single Banksy piece I find on the internet - only the ones I really like. The problem is: all of them are so f****** good...

Not only because of the fact that Bansky made them.

Priest - Message in a Bottle / Coke and Mirrors

Some very nice pieces by Priest. Don't forget to check his photostream!

Conceptual Fashion Illustration by Justin Maller

Hit the via link if you like this.

Gemma Booth photography

Really nice photos by Gemma Booth. Check gemmabooth.com for more of this - the site is made in flash - I feel sorry for the Apple fanboys...


Amour Ads

Porn movie promos....


Dance-Off At The Dirty Dozen by SPiN New York

Found this on vimeo. So f****** cool. This is the original text: "Every Friday Night at SPiN New York we have our Dirty Dozen tournament - but in between the ping pong matches, if you're lucky you may come across a rare breed of interlude that we like to call a Dance-Off."

Super Sexy CPR

Sexy girls, cool cuts, nice colors and great music. Check supersexycpr.com.


Yann Gross photography

Winner of the 25th International Festival of Fashion and Photography of Hyères 2010.

Born Free

Nomadé - Spray Helmet - NYC

This is Sparta.

Shark Toof

Gabriel Mendez photography



Brighton Aint Ready / Niki Croft

BMX at it's best.

Post Office Bike Jam

Crazy camera angles... really cool!

And Then There Was Salsa

Check the link for one of the best advertisements ever...

Sam3 billboards in Spain

Vhils streetart

A face etched into brick. Check the link for more photos.

Kiss truck by EVOL

Louis Vuitton Must Die necklace by Lasse R. Jensen

"Danish designer Lasse R. Jensen, in collaboration with goldsmith Mikkel Thorson, has created this delightfully ironic art-piece titled ‘Louis Vuitton Must Die.’ A nod to luxury culture and the economics of high profile brands, this necklace demonstrates Jensen’s ability to generate commentary and criticism while succeeding the production of something that’s aesthetically minded."

WWF ad - melting polar bear

A sculpture by Mark Coreth.


Logorama - full video online again

Adres - Tag Child

One of my new favorites....


The Graffomat. Real or fake? I don't now, I don't care... But I like it.

Robert Herman photography

Said Dokins - Avionazo en la Plazuela

Street art at it's best. Paper planes by Said Dokins.

Frank Shepard Fairey in Cincinnati

I really like Shepard Fairey's posters and stickers but never made a post before - don't know why... If you don't know him, search for "André the Giant Has a Posse"or "Obey Giant".... One of the best and most influential streetart artists.

Russ Mills painting