Sign Language

Watch the whole film. It's worth it.

Fully Sick Rapper

Christiaan Van Vuuren is sitting in hospital isolation since he got infected with tuberculosis during a South America trip in December 2009. And in his room he is doing rap music videos - what else.
"I am trying my best to be creative in a time that has been pretty hard on me, and this is a way to share it with people..."



“About” What are the Tar sands? Just a drop of the insanity.
“Water” What’s more precious? It’s falling through our hands.
“NAFTA” How can this happen? Working fast for their interests.
Check the via links for more info.

3D drawings in a carpark

 A really cool way-finding-system in the Eureka Tower Carpark.

Dustin Humphrey photography

I really like surf photography. And I like underwater photos. Dustin Humphrey combines these two worlds in one single picture. That's what I call a money shot. Great!

PostSecret blog

Interested in the secrets of other persons? Just take a look at this site.


We are the World 2010

We Are The World 25 For Haiti - The Official Video - Beautiful.

Gabriel Wickbold's "Sexual Color" photography

Gabriel Wickbold is a photographer from São Paulo, Brasil with an extremely colorful portfolio. I really like his "Sexual Color" photos which show paint explosions on sexy bodies. His website is full of amazing artwork in high resolution- it's worth a click. 5/5

Craig Tracy Body Painting Gallery - The Last South China

And here's a video of Craig Tracy's bodypainting...

Bodypainting by Craig Tracy

Craig Tracy's photorealisitc bodypaintings. Crazy!

Loupus Guerilla Marketing - Snow Branding Leipzig

Graffiti on snow and snow branding - I think that's new.... Nice idea.


Staples art by Baptiste Debombourg

This is what you can do with 35000 staples. And 75 hours of time. And some talent. Great! Click here for more info about Baptiste Debombourg's art.

Mona Lisa shot with a semiautomatic nail gun

I don't care if it's faked or not. A nice video!


Digital Graffiti at the Olympic Village

Chairman Ting's digital graffiti art with Tangible Interaction's unique digital graffiti wall technology. For the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Looks like fun.


Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby (the official music video)

My favorite music video....

Make The Girl Dance - Kill Me (the official music video)

Having fun with $ 30.000. Reminds me of that movie "Hangover". What a video...

Logorama - online again

Here we go. It's online again. The Oscar nominated short Logorama in full length.
edit: ...and offline again.


Baby got back wedding dance

There is a lot of wedding dances on the internet - but this one is my favorite...

Unique order at Mc Donald's

I think that Jason Mraz would like this.

SouthWest AirLines Rap

Just in case you don't know this yet.

Aries Spears Raps

Aries Spears. Original.


Bomb It Trailer

I had to make a post. It's a great documentary.


 My shopping bag in the year 2005. When I tried to do graffiti. Good times...


Found this on vimeo. Really nice work.
edit: I don't know why the video was deleted - maybe because it is nominated for the 2010 Oscars?
edit2: You can watch the full video on facebook. Click here.
edit3: Here's the full video again.


Hot Rod

And for those of you who didn't know - Joe Stevens is the guy that did one of the best movies ever: HOT ROD. Watch it.

Made in Queens

A short documentary that was filmed by Joe Stevens and Nicolas Randall for MTV2 Films in 2008. Nice. Click here for more infos.

Vans and the places where they were.

A great collection of van photos by Joe Stevens. "The project began in 1996 and currently consists of hundreds of images shot on 120 film." I've never thought that van design could be aesthetic... that was wrong. Just think of the A-Team van. For more photos click here.


Harajuku at night

 Just a picture of a girl from Harajuku (Tokyo) that I took in 2008. I liked her shoes..